Thursday, January 28, 2010

So this is me.... I have gone CRAZY..... lol and I thought you should know before you read my blog so you don't stop yourself at one point and ask have I lost my know now the answer is YES... in advance!
So it has been a LONG time since I posted Anything on the blog, I have been avoiding it. Avoiding talking about this CRAZY year with the good and the bad! Were do I start?
I did post some summer pictures in August, but havent really posted anything since Last February right!?! I do like blogging love looking at everyones elses but when I sit down to write I draw a blank of things I feel like sharing with the world... lol not that my lifes so interesting but mainly because it sounds like when I am done typing I have done alot of complaining! I am not really that person... well not all the time lol I guess I will start with the bad get it over with to end on a good note! :) So Here goes... 2009 has been a year of learning for Gary and I 2009 just didn't start off right and only got worse. In June 2009 someone oh so special to us passed away. Garys cousin Britney was living with us all last winter she had moved home in February of 2009 to Michigan. ( were my garys from) Britney committed suicide June 1st of 2009. DEVASTATED... the only word that can even come close to how I feel. Britney was like a little sister to me. The amount of Guilt that I will forever harbor for this great loss causes me so much pain. Britney was a "Light" some one that could always lightn your mood make you smile and absolutely entertaining. One person I could NEVER imagine losing to something like this. Her Pictures and memory we hold close to now but oh how I miss our long talks, Britneys millions of goofy laughs and all the fun times we had together. She is in a better place and free from pain but I am selfish and regularly wish her back. I feel blessed to have had her in my life, but I do wish I had done things differently and knew just how unhappy she was. Life is full of suprises, good and bad... but I like to remember her this way, happy and full of life. The way she was!! RIP Miss Britney your so loved and missed.
The next few months are a blur. Tieler has been in JUST speech therapy and doing well we took a break for august and september for her and more for me! September was my and Garys 3 yr anniversary but our sixth year together... CRAZY It feels like so long to say six years! Gary turned thirty bwhahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha and I turned 27 :( boo. This is a picture of Gary and I on our anniversary this year 9/16 at Texas Road House. We had a enjoyable night off from the kids and a Great Birthday party thanks to family and friends! We got so Lucky this summer my kids were actually pretty healthy! ( since they are always sick it seems) Besides me and tie having pneumonia in may we went till October without much more than some sniffles from allergies! Good ole October came with bang, Gary had been having less and less work we were struggling! and Decided it would be best for him to take a job with the company he had originally worked for they had loads of work we could not pass up the chance of getting caught back up. He took the job and a week later we found out that even though we were done... DONE having kids that we were PREGNANT ? Can we say shocked was an understatement... lol just our luck! We had gotten rid of everything and as most of you know me and gary dont have the best Genes mashed together our poor kids with their Asthma, sucky immune systems, food, outdoor, and pet allergies, etc. we didnt want another kids to go through it! Even though we do make the cutest babies... it was the plan and we were satisfied with our two sweet babies we had. But we are adjusting and getting to the exciting part now were I can wait to see what he looks like! October was also eventfull in the allergy area for Tieler. We didn't think tie had asthma Jax was diagnosed at 8 months so we didnt think m uch of it till fall of 09 when we noticed a cpl small symptoms... Dr Bitner the allergist we see prescribed a flovent inhaler and we didnt fill the script. we just weren't sure! We also discovered that after the whole begining part of the yr tieler had been almost proved non allergic to peanuts, ( we were stoked) but at her october scratch test we were stunned when her back started to swell a welt the size of her hand from the peanut further testing showed that the allergy had gotten so bad it was now along with egg in the Deadly range for her! :( So no PB&J for tie! October was really good financially Gary was working all the time gone alot but the bills were aid and we weren't stressing about money we had began looking for a house and in no time ( 1 month) we found the perfect place! December started out Crazt too, As our like 12th move in 6 years I was pregnant a sick, Tie also had a old and we found out if we wanted this house we had very little time to get it we moved in about three days! on the fourth day Gary went back to work and my girlfriends came over to help us unpack. Tie wasn't acting like herself hummed and cried all day bu the time gary got home I asked him to listen to her breathing he is the breathing PRO! He freaked out and began nebulizing her over and over it didnt help we ran into an insta care thinking some steroids would help. Her oxygen was at 80! they said they could do nothing for us and sent us to Primary childrens were we stayed for the next four days. Tie was Hypoxic, couldnt maintain her oxygen it was hard, har being away from my Jaxen and Hard feeling so helpless with Tieler. So Tieler has Asthma... and it Really bad, not suprised I guess! This is Tie in the hospital. After four days of Hell we talked them into letting us go home with an oxygen tank wich she was only on for a week. It sucked! But now we know and are on top of her meds! Jaxen is freakin 4 1/2! He is soo sweet and loving he wrestles gary to save the princess( Tie) lol and has began name calling. Its not a bad thing actually because he doesnt realize how nice he is beig it is hard not to laugh just today he was mad at me for not letting him play the play station he stomped upstairs and yelled at me that I was a big piece of chocolate cake! LOL he called Grandpa a piece of sugar the other day and his aunt alyssa a smarty brains... I love it he is my helper a big boy I do not want him to get any bigger I love age 4! Tieler is talking more than ever she was at a ten word vocab. till last month and now she is a chatter box its crazy she is doing so well We have so much to be happy for! the kids are doing great Gary is doing well work is good, and soon we will have a new sweet baby boy. I am 24 weeks and counting down! this has been a hard pregnancy but that's why I hate being pregnant they have all been hard, but the gift is so worth it! Baby is due May 27th and hopefully you will see regular posts about the things going on and not a novel of the year! LOL I am going to post a cpl more pics below! the kids are getting sooo Big! Were so blessed and looking forward to 2010 being a great year!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Some Random 2009

I posted some Random Pictures from this year. I am so bad at blogging. I do enjoy it but feel like I never get around to it! I need to be better! Some of these pics are completely Random others are from the 4th of july and some swimming pictures with cousins. Were all good. Same ole same ole...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Monday, February 2, 2009

January 2009

Well I haven't done a post in forever so here goes. I guess I will make all updates to the past month or so. January sucked. I say that only because it did. I have a new more positive outlook on February, So no worries about me going and checking myself into the state mental hospital! Just like always the only thing we have had to deal with that I can actually write about on my blog is the very stupid billing department at Primary's who happens to be suing us for the remaining 20% left over after insurance... Sure your first comment is hey make a payment plan... HA! Well well we tried to make a payment plan till they told us that the minimum payment was based off a percentage of your bill....hmmmmm so our minimum monthly payment is 3700.00 a month... (that tends to be an issue when you owe 41,000.00) Sorry we don't make enough money to pay that every month, sigh... I don't understand. making that huge monthly payment was the only way to not be sued. Thus we are being Garnished none the same! It makes me absolutely CRAZY knowing these big rich doctors are suing poor us for the last measly dollars left over after the insurance, to the point were they could take the roof over our head! You can tell I am not in the best of moods which unlucky for all readers, this so happens to be a day were I am in a better mood. Hence not blogging for a month! :) Haven't we struggled enough with this! COME ON!!! So don't get me wrong I love all the excellent doctors and nurses that have helped Tie but at the same time from loosing our application to the garnishment has been a nightmare!

On to the next update for January, Just so happens to be another let down, but not nearly as big of one! We did all of Tielers RE-Testing for her original allergens tested at age one, And to our surprise it seemed to look like her peanut and rye allergy had disappeared! WE were stoked it opened a huge door for us to think we could fatten Tie up with almond milk (way more fat than rice and soy) and that she could eat things like PB and J etc. But Dr. Bitner said he wanted to be sure and sent us over to Primarys for Labs. A few days later Dr. Bitner called back with his not so good news... Not only was the test wrong it had actually increased as well as adding a few new nuts to the list of allergies for Tieler like, Almonds, Pistachios, Pecans, hazelnuts, Macadamia... the only negative nut she had was a walnut, and walnuts are gross... So The only update we have for miss Sensitive is she is still and more sensitive than before...
Her new list...

EGG- Ties version of rat poison...
Milk- ties version of ipecac syrup

We hope not to add to it any time soon but she is always full of surprises!
Also Tieler is going in for her hearing test this week because she has had some problems with her ears we might just be tubing them like Jaxens but it could be the reason for her speech delay so who knows it might help her to talk more!
Jaxen has been doing much better he had a severe case of croup that his little lungs battled for about 2+ weeks but he is finally not using the nebulizer every four hours or even every day right now. He is so good at doing it and quick to let us know what he needs. To think a 3 year old can tell me when he is having a hard time breathing and does the mask so well.( initially he was not so helpful...) He has been so sweet lately he is very smart and wants to help me do everything I tell him he is just like my shadow, and he tells me I am silly that he is jaxi not a shadow.... LOL He has also been taking his sister cruzing in her barbie power wheels that Santa brought doesn't matter what is on front of them he just thinks he can drive over it so he has sadly broken a few other toys he thought daddy could fix! But he puts tie in front and steers from behind her its so funny and she loves it, she isn't as good at holding down the gas like Jaxen. I love their ages I don't want them to get any bigger!
As depressing and negative as this post may seem we have allot of fun things happening this month and are looking on the bright side, hoping that if we stay positive and work hard things will get better. One Day at a time!

One day at a time--this is enough. Do not look back and grieve over the past for it is gone; and do not be troubled about the future, for it has not yet come. Live in the present, and make it so beautiful it will be worth remembering.”

Henry Ford


Friday, December 19, 2008

2008 Santa Pics have arrived!

So here they are! Tie was given a freebie because she wasn't looking in the camera on the first one and Jax pretty much had busted out of Santa's grasp by the time the first shot was taken! I love to torture Jax with Santa bahahahahaha. It will be my blackmail one day.

The funny thing is, ya know how boys don't cry and if they do they make up some silly reason like they smelled freshly cut onions or... something is stuck in their eye... Well Jax has already began making up reasons why...

So I got home from work last night and busted these out to show everyone and Jaxen ( sitting front and center) Denied he was crying because of his Santa clause fear, He said its cause he tasted that candy cane and it was hot, that santa made him cry ..LOL really Jax? He said, "Santa gave Jaxi a hot candy..." HMMM... Not so much! LOL anyways ! Here they are!!

Friday, December 12, 2008


So Last night We went to the Remax christmas Party, I don't work for Remax but we are the in- House lender for Remax so My office is in the Remax office. We only decided to come because Santa was here and they were taking pictures for free, Me and Gary are Cheapos so we decided that standing in a long line at the mall for a thirty dollar 4x6 was not a better idea than getting the freebie at the party so we went.
The moment we got home Jaxen was so excited he kept telling us that Santa was going to get him his "MOTE POWICE CAR" (or remote police car) We told him that he had to sit on Santa's lap and tell him what he wanted. He was intent on seeing santa even though in the past his fear of santa has gotten the best of him. As we arrived he searched the party till he saw Santa and then he had a melt down... LOL it was so funny! We, being horrible parents, just love the screaming santa pictures Jaxen has provided us with over the years and couldn't wait to add to the collection! We did Tieler first, she just kinda wiggled out of his arms and gave him a crazy look like who is the nut my mother is handing me to with the ridiculouse suit, hat, and beard? But Jax was the entertainment! He covered his eyes with both hands screaming and we got the shot! As we left and were putting Jax in his car seat he told us that he did not Love Santa Clause anymore because he did not receive his Powice car right then, as we laughed histerically he also proceded to tell us that he did not see santas sleigh and wanted to know where it was! We told him it was parked on the roof, he searched the roof but was disapointed he couldn't see it in the dark! He was not happy but we cannot wait to get the pics back! They should be here next week so we will be sure to put them up so everyone can enjoy them! I would encourage all of you with kids to take the time to get the santa pics because they are always funny to look at! We will probably use ours as black mail for Jaxen when he is older! Blackmail is good! The pic that is up is Jaxens Last Santa pic!! Isn't it perfect!!! LOL LOVE IT! It will be hard to beat!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sunny Day at the Park

Because its been so sunny and warm we decided to take the kids to the park. Jada brought over Nyla and Sophia and we took some fun pictures of the kids. They play so well together! You don't get too many days in November like this! Enjoy um!

All in the Family....